When you are sending packages internationally, there are many tips that you can follow to ensure that your package arrives safe and sound at its destination. From packaging to properly marking your destination, you will find these tips useful when sending your important international packages.

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Choosing Delivery Speed

When sending your parcel, you want to make sure that you choose the right delivery speed for your items. If you are sending a package and require it to arrive by a certain date, you need to ensure you state that and pay for the correct service. If you need your package to arrive within a specific time frame, you want to be sure to choose priority or express shipping, rather than sending it through normal postal service. Make sure you see prices for shipping packages internationally before choosing the method and speed of your delivery, as size and priority will greatly influence the price of your package shipment. Nothing is worse than finding out your package will be arriving within 30 days, when you truly need it delivered within 10. Especially with international shipping you need to be specific about delivery dates and choose the right service.


When it comes to international shipping it is important to remember that your package will need to go thru customs when entering its destination country. Making sure that you have filled out the package declaration form correctly is incredibly important. Declare everything in the package correctly to ensure it passes swiftly through customs, and do not attempt to send anything that is not listed on your paperwork. Customs can be incredibly difficult to clear and may result in your package being delayed or returned to you if you have not properly filled out your declarations forms. 

Carefully Package Your Items

International travel can be rough on even the toughest of items, so packaging is incredibly important. You want to make sure that you package your item in the appropriate size and type of packaging to ensure its safe delivery. As well as packaging type you want to ensure you have your parcel labeled well, with clear and legible writing, to avoid problems with delivery. Package size can also affect delivery price, so choosing a large package for a small item will increase the cost of your package delivery unnecessarily. There are special packages for paperwork, small parcels, and large items, so make sure you choose the appropriate type for the contents of your package.

Shipping Insurance

Especially if you are sending valuable items, you may want to consider insuring your package. While it doesn’t always happen, items can be lost or damaged in transit, and having the appropriate insurance for your items can save you the hassle of replacement or repair if your package should be lost or arrive damaged. Choosing comprehensive insurance that covers lost, damaged, or stolen items can give you the peace of mind you need when sending expensive items internationally.

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The next time you need to send a package internationally, consider these tips to ensure the successful, on-time, and stress-free delivery of your items.

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