TikTok user @itsgnochgnoch video about being in a taxi with a “racist” cabby is going viral- and the TikToker is facing backlash.

TikToker @itsgnochgnoch recently took to her TikTok platform to post a video that has since gone viral. Check out the video clip reposted by another user (@donackerman1988), below:


@itsgnochgnoch deleted comments from hundreds of people who said she has overreacted and should appologise to this poor driver. She continues to block people and delete comments. He clearly meant no harm, but she chose to expose him like this. #immigrants #bullyingisnotcool #snobbery #classdiscrimination

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In the video, @itsgnochgnoch wants to stop her cab ride early to express that she is offended by the driver trying to”guess” where she’s from. She accuses the driver of racism for allegedly telling the TikToker that he “didn’t know where she was from because she looked a little bit different.” The TikToker stated that his actions were racist because he allegedly also stated, “We all look the same.”

@itsgnochgnoch took offense to these claims and expressed how they made her feel to the cab driver, who apologized profusely and stated that his English is “not perfect” indicating that there is an obvious language barrier. He also told her, “My girlfriend is Chinese and I love Asian people because they’re so polite and so kind.”

The man sounded genuinely apologetic for how his words seemingly came across and tried to apologize to the TikToker multiple times. @itsgnochgnoch highlighted how she took his words as “racist” but stated that she wouldn’t say anything to the company because she understands that there is a barrier. However, she doesn’t seem to accept the man’s apology by the end of the video.

@itsgnochgnoch was met with a lot of backlash after posting the original video, in which people thought she was trying to gain a viral video from “cancel culture.” @itsgnochgnoch reportedly deleted comments off the original video.

Check out what some users had to say about the overall encounter under the re-posted video.

Image Credits: @donackerman1988 TikTok

@itsgnochgnoch has not come out to address any of the backlash since this video post but “cancel culture” continues to be a hot topic online.

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