The act of racialization holds many dangers, especially when it comes to crime reporting. Mainstream media has a big hand in influencing the masses’ perception and worldview. With the growing population and complexities of this world, we are subjected to living in diverse communities- we must bear an open and unbiased mindset. 

Racism has always been an apparent concern in our societies. The injustice that minorities, People of Colour, or the black community face have a detrimental impact on them and their generations to come. Racism is so deeply rooted in our lives that it’s deplorable yet expected that mass media is also widely affected by it. Nevertheless, various media houses and distribution channels continue to engage in racialization while reporting news, specifically crime broadcasting. 

Racialisation in crime reporting is most evident in the US media, at least more so than in other countries. African-Americans have always existed at a disadvantage in the United States, suffering unnecessary and stringent racial profiling in various industries. 

Photo Credits: Oxford Law Faculty

In general, black men are considered more intimidating than women- the intersectionality of their gender and race being forced to work against them. The racial criminal narrative is quite extreme, where black people who are potential suspects are viewed as more threatening than their white accomplices. Furthermore, the way the media chooses to share the stories or news of black crime is very aggressive and austere- seldom missing the chance of white victimization. Moreover, it’s often been observed that the way the media sugarcoats white crimes is by blaming a biological disposition that the perpetrator was suffering from or socio-cultural factors leading to an unstable growing environment. I’m not arguing for the media to be forgiving in the tone of delivering news of black crime. But, to be less biased and not disregard the concept of racial equality even for grave matters.

Photo Credits: The Guardian

With the progressive growth our world is experiencing, it is no surprise that news coverage isn’t limited to only news channels or the newspapers, but is widely anticipated and encouraged on social media platforms too. On the bright side, it means more self-aware people from a younger age. Therefore, we must eliminate our racist frames for crime reporting or any news, so the younger generations have a chance to grow up in an equitable and fair world. 

Media is intended to be an independent institution of democracy to report the news to the people with as little bias as possible. Public opinion is highly affected by the way the media covers distinct matters. Mainstream media is another learning platform for people, thus, it should proactively be used for breaking through social oppression and racism, and continue reporting news impartially.


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