It takes a unique talent to create a sound that is timely yet comfortably familiar and Toronto’s Jesse Gold does it seamlessly. Blending R&B with pop sensibilities, Gold’s new single “One In A Million” ft. Stefani Kimber captures an eclectic mix of sound that hits just right. 

Photography By: Arman Sadrzadeh (@armansaturday)

Inspired by trailblazers like Craig David, Lauryn Hill, and John Mayer and progressive contemporaries like Tom Misch and H.E.R., Jesse crafts his blend of soul, R&B, and indie-pop in a way that’s unique and powerfully understated. From his conversational songwriting to his addictive melodies and his silky vocals to apt production, there’s refined talent carved into each layer of every track. Gold has seen some big praise over the last few years with coverage in publications like Complex, Vents Magazine, and numerous others. He was recently mentioned in The Line of Best Fit for his involvement in an upcoming *NSYNC tribute album, headed by Brian Robert Jones of Vampire Weekend. 

Jesse brings years of skill and creativity to both the studio and stage, a craft sharpened by studio sessions with Babyface and Craig David, and collaborations with renowned creative director Sean Brown (Daniel Caesar, 

Needs&Wants). Jesse’s talents as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer can be summed up as a musical force to be reckoned with. “Drawing inspiration from every genre is my secret weapon,” Jesse explains. “To make music is to study music.” In June 2019, Jesse released his debut EP We’ll Be Fine, a lively collection of songs about the pitfalls of modern romance, that has collectively amassed over a million streams.

Photography By: Arman Sadrzadeh (@armansaturday) 

The simply subtle “One In A Million” evokes the intimacy of a small house party that we’re all nostalgic for and brings about memories of young love. Jesse’s pristine vocals guide you through his perspective of holding on to pride and not wanting to get too close to another person. This soulful lullaby also features Stefani Kimber’s wistful vocals that have a soothing but longing energy. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a locked rhythm section, “One In A Million” is a love song that’ll last the ages. 

On the track Jesse shares, “I’ve always liked the idea of writing a love song about two people who refuse to say they’re in love. There are a few lines that act as cheeky excuses for not getting close – ‘I didn’t want to tell you ‘cause I knew that shit would go to your head.’ But writing the song from just that one perspective felt cold. What if both people had their reservations, but had something to bring them together despite them? The first thing that came to mind was alcohol. A little bit of liquid confidence – ‘I take another sip and say ‘You’re one in a million.'”