John Mulaney Reveals Pete Davidson Was The First To Call Him In Rehab

In his new Netflix special, ‘Baby J’, John Mulaney discusses sobriety and the journey he had trying to tackle his addiction.

In the special, Mulaney discusses his time in rehab. For context, Mulaney brought up his good friend, Pete Davidson. Mulaney talks about how frequently the SNL comedian changed his number. At one point, Mulaney had nine contacts for Davidson, which of course led him to begin adding Davidson to his phone with famous industry people names, names like Al Pacino.


The comedian recalls a moment while in the clinic, a nurse woke him up frantically, telling him the actor, Al Pacino, had called him 5 times.

Intervention and Divorce

Mulaney opened up about his intervention which led him to seek help for his addiction.

“When I walked into my intervention, I knew immediately it was an intervention.” He recalls, being late for dinner, “This was my thought process walking into my intervention that night, ‘Going to dinner with a friend from college, what’s Seth Myers doing here… FU*K!'”

Mulaney joked that his intervention was a star-studded lineup, with his many comedian friends like Fred Armisen and Nick Kroll.

As for his divorce from his now ex-wife, Anna Marie Tendler, Mulaney makes light of the situation at the beginning of the show, briefly mentioning the divorce.

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“I’ve had a weird couple of years; you’ve had a weird couple of years, We all went to rehab, and we all got divorced, and now our reputation is different.” He sang, “No one knows what to think. All the kids like Bo Burnham more because he’s currently less problematic. Likability is a jail.”

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