These Are Some Fan Favourite Super Bowl Commercials From 2022

With this year’s Super Bowl coming up, let’s take a look at last year’s Super Bowl and reminisce on some of the fan-favourite 2022 commercials.

1. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen: Lays Commercial

Starting off strong with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd‘s commercial with lays. In the ad we see the two actors sitting on a porch in suits before Rogen’s wedding.  “Nervous?” Rudd asks, Rogen nods and is handed the bag of Lays. The two reminisce on past memories like, ‘their road trip in ’97, ‘their first real heart-to-heart’, and when ‘that stalker kidnapped them.’

2. Eugene Levy and Nissan

Next, we have Eugene Levy staring in last year’s Nissan ad. We see Eugene Levy and Brie Larson on set. “Nice ride!” Levy says. Larson steps out of the car, “Want to give it a spin?” she asks, “Coffees enough excitement for me thanks.” Levy states. It then cuts to him speeding down the road, rolling down the window and looking at the car beside him. He is met with former co-star, Catherine O’Hara. The rest of the ad is filled with Levy performing stunts in the car.

Fans loved the little Schitts Creek reunion between O’Hara and Levy.

3. Anna Kendrick And Rocket Mortgage

Next up, Anna Kendrick was the star in this Rocket Mortgage ad. In the commercial, we see Kendrick advertising this Barbie Dream House, “Barbie found out about this dream house from an alert with Rocket Homes.” The children in the ad all start bidding on the home, “You vultures, you’re going to start a bidding war!” She claims.

4. T Mobile Featuring Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton

Here we have Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton starring in this T-Mobile ad. The ad shows Miley on the phone with Dolly. “You got a voice Miley…use it! Do it for the phones.” Parton says. Cut to the studio where the two sing their song, “Do It For The Phones.”

5. Mayo Tackle’s Food Waste

Lastly, we have Patriots linebacker, Jerod Mayo for Hellmann’s Mayo. In the ad, we see Mayo literally ‘tackle food waste’ by running into people’s homes. We see comedian Pete Davidson and his mother, Amy Davidson at a Super Bowl party when Mayo charges for Davidsons’ mother. “Woah! Moms already tackled food waste Mayo.” Davidson says. “It’s a big guy” he adds. Then Mayo makes a b-line for Davidson tackling him to the ground. Pete makes a self-deprecating joke claiming “I get it, I’m very hittable.”

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