What really happened with Paul and the bridesmaid in the video that went viral online? HOLR is breaking it down.

The Love is Blind Reunion dropped last night and Paul finally addressed the viral video of him and Micah’s bridesmaid. Check out the clip below that sent the internet into a frenzy:


Yall talking about Shelby Shelby Shelby.. what the hell was this interaction! #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindseason4 #micahandpaul #brettandtiffany #kwameandchelsea

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TikTok creator @thegabbi.rielle shows a clip from the Season 4 finale where Paul can be seen brushing past one of Micah’s bridesmaids to leave out the door. Fans had mixed reviews when watching the clip because some thought he intentionally touched her behind, while others think it was an innocent gesture to move past her. It’s difficult to tell as Micah’s mom walks by at the exact same moment the interaction occurs, but the internet was clearly confused. As well, it looked like the bridesmaid seemed to make a face during the interaction.

Love is Blind Reunion

During the reunion, hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey asked Paul about the infamous interaction- this is what Paul had to say in response (as noted here):

“To imply that it was anything more than me just gesturing acknowledging that I was squeezing past her kind of bumped into her shoulder is literally absurd,” said Paul. “I literally just [was] walking out of the door and gesturing just like, hey, sorry, I bumped into you.”

This new statement follows his original response to a previous comment about the clip (as mentioned here): “You’re insane if you think I’d slap a random girls ass (whom I don’t even know) during the most traumatic moment in my relationship.”

Paul Love is Blind Bridesmaid

The bridesmaid in question in the video is reportedly, Ruby Mensing. After the clip went viral online, she has since privated her social media account. She has not personally addressed the claims.

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