All about Jojo Siwa’s latest song, Karma.

JoJo Siwa has been working hard to change her audience into a more mature one. She has been teasing her song “Karma”, especially on TikTok for weeks.

“Karma” by Siwa allegedly debuts on the TikTok Billboard Top 50. As noted here, Siwa’s upcoming single reportedly opens at No. 37. This is a decent position considering the song is not scheduled to drop until next month on April 5.

The singer and dancer took to her TikTok here to show to her haters that her song is doing well.

JojoSiwa On TikTok

Jojo Siwa Karma

Many of the 20-year-old’s videos and photos promoting her new song and persona have seemingly received backlash. Many viewers find that she is trying too hard. All over TikTok people either poking fun at her choreo or simply just the lyrics of the song.


Although this has not gained entirely positive attention, JoJo Siwa seems to be handling the hate and pushing through with her promotion. All of the focus has brought her something positive, her unreleased song on the Billboard charts.

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