Fans have taken to social media to discuss an alleged controversial scene in Jojo Siwa’s latest music video, Karma.

Jojo Siwa recently released the music video for her song, Karma, and fans have a lot to say about some of the dance scenes on social media. This is a very different look for Siwa, so people have been sharing their opinions on Siwa’s alleged “rebrand” following the release of her newest project.

Jojo Siwa Music Video Karma

According to this TikTok video posted by user @soameriican, fans are seemingly concerned about one scene in the music video where it appears as though Siwa is allegedly h*mping one of the dancers. This has become a controversial scene online and has supposedly been met with multiple memes.

Jojo Siwa Karma Dance

Fans have seemingly mixed opinions on the Karma dance. A lot of fans seem to think that the singer has “grown up” after viewing her latest project. However, others find the music and some of the scenes to be controversial.


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What are your thoughts on this alleged controversy? 

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