Jully Black is trending after making a word change to the Canadian National Anthem. Find out what happened below.

Jully Black National Anthem

As mentioned in multiple news outlets that covered the event. Jully Black recently sang the Canadian National Anthem at an NBA All-Star game and made a small change to the lyrics.

What s Jully Black famous for?

The Canadian R&B star is a singer, songwriter, actor, and TV personality. Throughout her career, she has opened for popular performers such as the Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Usher as noted here.

Jully Black O Canada

During her recent performance at an NBA All-Star game, Black took to the stage to sing O Canada. While singing, Black made a lyrics change in the Canadian National Anthem to “our home on native land,” as mentioned here.

“I sang the facts,” stated Black in a video posted to CBC. “We are experiencing life on native land- on Indigenous land.”

Black even took to Twitter to respond to this recent tweet following her performance.

It seems as though Black has gotten mixed reviews from people all over the nation. Some praised her for the lyric change while others criticized her for putting her own spin on the anthem.

“Our home ON Native Land” gave me goosebumps. best rendition of our national anthem I have ever heard,” commented one Twitter user.

“Thank you for singing the truth,” agreed another.

However, not everyone thought Black’s version was appropriate. “Maybe next time sing the correct version,” said another user.

What do you think of Jully Black’s word change to the Canadian National Anthem?

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