Kelsy Karter shares a message with the world on her new single “Love Me Or Hate Me.” Out via BMG Recordings, the empowering anthem is all about being true to herself and refusing to change to make others happy.  On the track, which she co-wrote alongside The Struts’ Adam Slack and longtime collaborator Michael Morgan, she celebrates all the things that make her unique. The chorus in particular packs a rebellious punch.

“So love me or hate me, you’ll never take me down. If I was the way that you want me, I’d be a pretender now, ” she declares over the rollicking production. What inspired the song? “I’ve been told too many times to be someone I’m not,” Kelsy explained. “I watch my fans being treated the same way every day. My fans help me feel strong and invincible in who I truly am so I wanted to make a song for them that makes them feel strong and invincible too.”

Photo by Sarah Pardini

She opened up more about the overarching message. “Life is too damn short to live by someone else’s rules or standards. This song is about being unapologetically yourself and owning your individualism.” She paired the song with an equally striking black-and-white video, which showcases Kelsy’s edgy style and effortlessly cool persona.

“Love Me Or Hate Me” is another taste of Kelsy’s forthcoming debut album Missing Person. The newly announced LP arrives October 2 and is available for pre-order. Its tracklist includes previously released singles such as this year’s “Stick To Your Guns” and “Devil On My Shoulder.”

The album embodies Kelsy’s defiant spirit, which she’s been known for since going viral after pretending to get a Harry Styles tattoo on her face. However, it was created during a dark period in her life. “For a while I sort of lost myself, which is why the album’s called Missing Person. But through the process of making the record I found myself as an artist and an individual,” she said.

Watch the video below and pre-order Missing Person here.