The Kevin Spacey Trial Has Come To A Close. HOLR Is Giving You All The Details!

A month has passed in Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault trial and the jurors’ have retired to consider a verdict. Here’s what’s happened so far

Kevin Spacey (middle) walking into court with his legal team (right and left)

Credit: Sky News

Sexual Assault Allegations

The jury has entered their second day of verdict deliberations for the sexual assault allegations against actor, Kevin Spacey. The trail started late June where the prosecution’s first attack was combining the sexual nature of the allegations with Spacey’s privilege. If any type of person would do this it would be easiest for a straight, white, cisgendered, wealthy, man with a prestigious reputation. They want this to be the lens through which the jury views Spacey.

Then, on July 3rd, the prosecution presented the jury with a video of an interview between the police and one of Spacey’s alleged victims about Kevin Spacey groping him while he was driving. When asked if he had been aroused he answered, “I certainly wasn’t aroused, just upset- he was like a cobra.”

A courtroom sketch of Kevin spacey on the stand.

Credit: Elizabeth Cook/ PA Wire

The second testimony was a man alleging that Kevin Spacey performed a sexual act on him whist he was sleeping. Allegedly, the aspiring actor woke to his button and zip down to find Spacey had “just performed [a sex act] on me.” he called him, “atrocious, despicable and disgusting- you can’t say no when you’re asleep.”

By mid July Kevin Spacey was now testifying to his defense. Referring to the first, alleged, incident, he said he had a “somewhat intimate” relationship with the accuser, but that the accusation “makes no logical sense” and he was “making up the entire story from beginning to end” for “money, money and then money”.

July 17th brought some famous faces to the stand to testify to Spacey’s defense. This included Elton John, David Furnish and Jack Lemmon’s son Chris Lemmon.

Three photos vertically stitched together of Kevin Spacey (left), Elton John (middle), and David Furnish (right)

Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage; Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Lastly, came the closing arguments. Prosecuting lawyer Agnew said, “History is littered with those who are benevolent to some and cruel to others,” and that this case involves “enormous power imbalance” from a man who “who is used to getting his own way”. The defense closed by saying Kevin Spacey had been “tried by social media” and they suggest that “three people have lied and they have lied in ways and for reasons which, ultimately, will only ever be known to themselves”.

We’ll find out what the jury thinks soon! HOLR will keep you updated.

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