And They Have a New Baby!

LaKeith Stanfield 31, stuns everyone after announcing that not only is he married but he and his new wife, Kasmere Trice have a new baby. Sitting down with People Magazine, Stanfield gushes about his life telling People that “there is life before being a parent, then there’s life being a parent. It completely changes,” he said. Stanfield, who has two other children from previous relationships has begun a beautiful new chapter with his growing family.

Who is Kasmere Trice?

Trice, a former model is also a graduate of Spelman College, graduating in 2005 with a degree in Political Science. Trice had met Stanfield in Canada while he was there for work, and it was instant chemistry between the two.

Lakeith Stanfield Wife

Update: Kasmere Trice is the wife of Lakeith Stanfiled.

After getting engaged in December of 2022, Trice and Stanfield have opted to keep as much of their lives as private as possible, citing that “Sometimes you have to protect yourself. That means you have to protect your family. That means you have to protect your children,” he said in the interview with People. The clearly in love couple have a bright future ahead of them and we look forward to seeing more of their family.

Lakeith Stanfield says, “Fatherhood Changed Me.”

The picture-perfect couple has chosen to keep their pregnancy and the subsequent birth and gender of their bundle of joy private but have said they would make their announcements when they were ready. Stanfield cited that being a dad of three helped him “heal old wounds and that he’s never felt love like this before,” as shown here.

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