Latto sings “I’ll beat your a**. Throw it again!” to a fan 

In Munich in early July at Rolling Loud Germany, a Twitter clip revealed Latto throwing shade at an audience member for throwing an object toward her. The clip does not reveal the object being thrown but Latto was not happy about it. As she performed her song “Put It on da Floor”, Latto responds to the fan by lyrically singing that she will beat their ass if they try it again!

Latto says in the microphone, “You want your a** beat? Throw it again! Throw it again!” as she dances on stage. She continues to say, “I’ll beat your a**. Throw it again!” The words came so naturally as if it was part of her song.

This adds to the list of concertgoers throwing objects onto the stage, a trend that has been going on this summer. Harry Styles was also a victim of a similar incident and was struck in the face with an unknown object on stage in Vienna. Other artists that experienced these recently were Drake, Lil Nas X, Bebe Rexha etc. It seems like people are losing basic show etiquette and artists like Adele are not happy about it. During Adele’s show in Las Vegas she says, “Have you noticed how people are, like, forgetting f–king show etiquette at the moment, people are throwing s–t on stage? Have you seen that? F–king dare you. I dare you to throw something at me.” Read here for more regarding this disturbing trend.

Published by HOLR Magazine.