Leah Kateb Love Island USA Plastic Surgery

With season 6 of Love Island USA taking over our screens this summer, lots of viewers have been enamoured by the way this season is unfolding. With no shortage of drama and love connections, Love Island 6 is an addictive watch. As with most reality shows, speculation has been swirling about which girls have had plastic surgery. One of the contestants names that keeps popping up is Leah Kateb.

Leah Love Island USA Before and After

Leah Kateb has been a staple on the show since the first episode and became a fixture of conversation following her tumultuous relationship with Rob Rausch. Now people online are wondering if Leah Kateb has had plastic surgery and if so, what has she had done? Reddit sleuths on fauxmoi have uncovered photos of Leah from her Mom’s Instagram. While Leah does look a lot younger in the photos, people have pointed out that it looks like she has had work done. Particularly, people are saying Leah has had a nose job, lip fillers, and possibly a BBL.

Leah Love Island USA BBL

Leah Love Island USA BBL

Based on photos from Leah Caleb mom’s Instagram account, it looks like Leah has always had curves. Yet, people are speculating that she got a BBL because the proportions of her legs to her butt don’t look natural. Leah has not commented on if she has had work done. Of course, everyone’s body is different and it is also possible that Leah just works out.

Love Island USA Leah Nose Job Before After

Based on older photos of Leah Kateb, it does appear that she has had a nose job. Leah has always been beautiful, in her older photos and now so even if she did tweak her nose that is an entirely personal choice. Based on the before and after photos, do you think Leah Kateb has had plastic surgery?

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