After 4 very long years, Lorde has finally announced a new single with high hope for a whole album later this year. Just a few days shy of the title and artwork being released, the single was linked online and on many streaming platforms across the globe. 


As it is reported that the single was out for only 10 minutes when streaming platforms realized the issue and took it down. Whoever became lucky enough to hear the full single is luckier than most.

When Lorde released the announcement of the new single she truly surprised her audience and fans. The announcement came as a shock because the only real news about her music was the artwork cover with fortunately featured the single title.

No clips of music to give fans a hint of what the song will sound like, or even a release date had been announced. After a 4 year hiatus from music, Lorde fans have been craving and begging the singer for new music, and yet, nobody knows anything.

The reason Lorde had finally announced music is true because she’s saving us from the crappy world we are living in, at least that is what her fans say. But it is true, Lorde has been on the music scene since 2013 when she released her Grammy award-winning album Pure Heroine, and 4 years after that she released Melodrama.


For fans it shouldn’t be surprising that she waited 4 years to give us new music, she did the exact same in between her first 2 albums. The only surprise and shock would be how surprising Lorde wants us to be. Yes, many people had been graced with the opportunity to hear the new single, but maybe the reason Lorde didn’t release a clip of it is that she’s changing her sound.

Lorde is known to be friends with genre jumper Taylor Swift, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Lorde herself has changed her taste in music and is going to be throwing us a curveball. We know something big is coming, even without release dates, Lorde is giving us easter eggs and it’s up to her fans to crack the codes she’s leaving behind on Instagram.