A cave rescue mission is currently underway to save trapped cave diver, Mark Dickey, who got stuck during an international expedition in Morca cave in southern Turkey’s Taurus Mountains.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @professor_koala, rescue efforts are underway to save sick and trapped American cave diver, Mark Dickey, after he got stuck during an expedition in Morca cave.

*Note: The following video may include inaccurate measurements of the cave’s depth 


Mark Dickey currently trapped in the Morca Caves in Turkey. Rescue efforts are under way as of 9/8/23. #caves #deepwater #trapped #darkcave #claustrophobia #scary #news #turkey #markdickey #scuba #rescue #greenscreen

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Mark Dickey Cave

As noted in this article, Dickey was reportedly on an expedition mapping the 4,186-foot-deep Morca cave systems in Turkey when he got sick. As noted in the TikTok video, Dickey reportedly started experiencing intense gastrointestinal bleeding during his expedition. Supposedly, Dickey was unconscious for three days but rescue efforts began almost immediately to save him.

Doctors were allegedly able to give him a blood transfusion at the bottom of the cave although communication has been an alleged issue since the start of the rescue mission. Dickey was reportedly able to make a video claiming he was okay and it has been alleged that he is now stable.

Allegedly, Dickey won’t be able to leave the cave without a stretcher as he is still recovering from the successful blood transfusion. This is going to be difficult as stretchers are quite big in size and cave passages are small, as the TikToker notes. Plus, it can be challenging to pull the stretcher through most of the cave.

Approximately 150 rescuers have joined the rescue mission in order to help save Dickey, however, it may take Dickey weeks to leave the cave.

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