Matty Healy Joins Taylor Swift in Nashville Admist Dating Rumours

The 1975’s Matty Healy has been spotted at Taylor Swift‘s ‘The Era’s Tour’ in Nashville in the midst of the dating rumours.

Phoebe Bridgers was one of the many openers for Nashville and to the fan’s surprise, Healy joined her onstage. This did nothing but add gasoline to the fire of the dating rumours.

After the opening performance, Healy was seen roaming around the venue, singing along and having a possible moment with Swift by ‘mouthing messages.’

According to reports, Healy flew into Nashville from Manila in order to attend the show.

Subliminal Messages

One topic of conversation floating through both fandoms is the mouthing messages from the stage. The two celebs were seen at their shows mouthing the same line, leading fans to believe they are related.

From the videos, it seems the singers are mouthing,

‘This is one’s about you, you know who you are… I love you.’

Throughout the night, Healy was bouncing from place to place in the venue, jamming along to Swift’s songs. Fans are split down the middle with this possible romance, some are thrilled and some couldn’t be bothered.

Although nothing has been set in stone yet, these pieces of ‘proof’ are really something to keep an eye on.

Did Matty Healy and Taylor Swift Date?

This question has been asked around a lot since these new dating rumours came to the surface. To answer the question, yes, Matty Healy and Taylor Swift were briefly seeing each other back in 2014. To emphasize, this romance was extremely brief and not really classified as dating.

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Published By: HOLR Magazine