Kaz was recently interviewed in which he alleged that his Perfect Match co-star, Micah may have been flirting with a producer.

HOLR breaks down claims.

Perfect Match Netflix Cast

July 7, 2024– Accoridng to this TikTok video posted by user @willnjo, Kaz recently reconnected with his match on Perfect Match season 2 during a party, Micah, in which he claimed that he heard through the grapevine that she wanted to kiss him- and this was only a month ago.


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As noted in the above clip, there is a video of the two of them talking at this party- a screengrab featured below on the alleged moment.

Micah Lussier Boyfriend

However, Kaz alleges that he heard from the girls (likely referring to the other women on Perfect Match Season 2) that Micah wanted to kiss him. “And then I see a message on her phone from someone who is in production,” Kaz alleges. He claims that this was “a bit weird.”

In this follow-up clip, Kaz claims he saw more messages from this so-called producer to Micah and he told her that this producer “fancies her” so he was wondering why she was entertaining him if she allegedly wanted to kiss Kaz.


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♬ original sound – Will Njobvu

Micah Lussier Perfect Match

He also claimed that production shouldn’t be mixing with the cast so the messages he claimed he saw where production was asking Micah where she was so they could meet up didn’t really add up. They kind of got into an argument over these alleged text messages as Kaz goes on to explain.

Kaz is speaking out on his side of the story so there is no concrete evidence to support claims Micah is dating a producer. Looking at her IG right now, she seems single so we will have to wait and see if the rumors are true. 

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