Is there proof that Harry and Melinda kissed on Perfect Match Season 2?

Perfect Match Harry Kiss Melinda

June 17, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @mariahkat, there have been some updates on the alleged kiss between Perfect Match co-stars, Melinda Melrose and Harry Jowsey.

As we saw in the new episode drop, Harry and Melinda had a seemingly scandalous encounter in which Melinda alleges that the duo kissed but Harry denies these claims as he is currently matched with Jess Vestal. This leads to a heated debate involving a he said/she said situation in which other cast members get involved.

Production seemingly shows Harry carrying Melidna but Melinda alleges that Harry kissed her once and then kissed her again in which she then kissed him back. Harry continues to deny claims that there was a kiss in an effort to seemingly save his relationship with Jess- however, what is the truth?

Perfect Match Harry And Melinda Kiss

According to a recent update from Reddit, Melinda reportedly responded to a comment from the recent episode drop in which she states that proof is supposedly “coming” in regards to the alleged kiss incident.

Although we haven’t seen physical proof yet on the show, some people think that the receipts may be saved for a possible reunion.

However, some people pointed out in the comment section of the above video that some cast members seemed to have validated the allegations that a kiss happened. For instance, as pointed out in the comment section of the above TikTok video, Holly Scarfone seemingly pointed out the incident to Justin in the episode while others denied seeing the alleged kiss.

Others commented on the video claiming that they believed Melinda and that Holly allegedly stated that she saw the kiss as posted on social media recently.

“Did you see it? No one saw it,” Harry alleged in episode 8 of the show’s second season. But does this mean that he’s off the hook?

So, what’s the truth? Right now it’s hard to say as it’s still a he said/she said situation but we’ll have to wait and see if the receipts or proof ends up coming out.


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