Did Bryton Constantin have a girlfriend while filming Netflix’s Perfect Match Season 2?

Bryton Squid Game

June 10, 2024– Bryton Constantin- AKA Player 432 in Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge- is a competitor on the latest season of Perfect Match. This reality shows shes past Netflix reality stars coming together to win the title of “Perfect Match” while competing in different games.

Bryton Perfect Match

Although Perfect Match is still currently airing (only the first few episodes have dropped), rumors are swirling regarding whether or not Bryton allegedly had a girlfriend while filming the series. This article posted by Distractify claims that Bryton initially matched with Dominique Defoe on Perfect Match but eventually the two went their separate ways and Bryton was sent home.


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Who is Bryton from Perfect Match Dating now?

Bryton is allegedly now being linked to Jade Gentile, who is known as Jazmyn Nyx under the WWE brand NXT. Bryton allegedly commented: “Don’t ever post something looking this good again. xo xo – your bf” under one of her posts causing dating rumors to swirl.

However, from the looks of Bryton’s Instagram, it doesn’t seem as though he is in a relationship- this could be, though, because Perfect Match is still airing so contestants can’t reveal their relationship statuses.

Perfect Match Bryton Girlfriend

Fans think that the Squid Game contestant may have had a girlfriend while filming Perfect Match but there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. As the related article notes, Bryton’s comments were also seen this year in 2024- and Perfect Match finished filming last year.

Looks like we will have to wait and see how the rest of Perfect Match Season 2 pans out- and if Bryton and Jade really are together or not. 

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