Fashion innovation has gotten bigger than ever, but the realm of handbags seems to have fallen behind this route. Through the years, we have embraced many bags that are both practical and chic but only recently that micro bags have begun to resurface in runways and the high street. 

cover photo via Vogue Australia

When we say micro, we literally mean micro — tiny, and practically non functional. Why would people invest in bags that they cannot put anything in? However, many crave them because of their rising popularity, and they simply look chic. Here are five affordable micro bags for you major fashion enthusiasts out there!


Zara – Blue Collection Gold Mini Crossbody Bag

We love a good sparkly accessory, and this diamond shaped bag is a definite consideration. The beads exude enough statement, which make the bag perfect for a dinner date or a night out. It also comes with a gold chain strap, which turns it into a shoulder bag.


Zara – Mini Crossbody Dinosaur Bag

An accurate case of fashion over function, this micro dinosaur bag is ideal for those who want to be extra. While the snakeskin is trendy, the shape would obviously not be everyone’s cup of tea and one would really need to ponder what is required for the day. But who cares really? It’s cute!


Urban Outfitters – Super Mini Trapezoid Crossbody Bag

Ever since Jacquemus released its signature “Le Chiquito” line, trapezoidal micro bags began spawning everywhere. Also adopting the fashion over function ideology, this type of bag allows you to live your Barbie doll dreams! Your look will surely stand out due to the patented leather and yellow mustard tone.


Mango – Crocodile Effect Belt Bag

Belts are wonderful statement accessories, but some people may concur that belt bags are better. Depending on the design or style, they can instantly elevate an outfit. Additionally, belt bags are convenient because you don’t have to carry them. However, the only con is the minimal space you have. Make sure to invest in one that’s both stylish and functional like the one below.


Topshop – SIMI Green Crocodile Bag

We’ve stumbled upon bucket or barrel bags numerous times. Compared to other micro bags, they are generally more sensible due to the generous space. Some people have compared them to lunch boxes, but recently they’ve come in many different forms that make them perfect statement accessories. 




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