A subtle and stylish way to combat anxiety!

Do you remember when fidget spinners were popular? Everyone loved them for their function to help people ease any anxieties and stresses. Now, there’s a more practical (and fashionable way) to cope with your nerves, — fidget rings! 

What are Fidget Rings?

Fidget rings have recently become trendy, and rightfully so. They are similar to fidget spinners in that their purpose is to ease anxiety and help people prone to fidgeting. 

Fidget rings can be made from a variety of materials, including metal and silicone, and have moveable parts on them. They can be in the form of a single ring with beads on it, that slide back and forth. Or a ring on top of another ring that you spin around. So instead of carrying around a fidget spinner with you, you can wear this on your finger and use it whenever you please — how convenient!

What are the Benefits?

These fidget rings are way more than just a trendy piece of jewelry. According to Healthline, fidget toys can help people with ADHD. Doctors also sometimes see a benefit in people using them to help relieve their anxieties.

Which Type of Fidget Ring Should I Get?

As stated before, there are a variety of fidget ring styles to choose from. Ultimately, the ring you pick will depend on your style and personal preferences. 

Here are a few of the different types you can get:

Customizable Silicone Spinner Fidget Ring:

Photo Credit: Etsy

These rings should be comfier than your average ring, as they come in silicone! The colours and pattern are also customizable so you can make this ring personalized for yourself (or for a friend).

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Sterling Silver Bead Fidget Ring:

Photo Credit: Etsy

This ring offers a simple yet timeless look. They are coated in 925 sterling silver so you don’t have to worry about these rings turning your fingers green!

Gold Spiral Fidget Ring:

Photo Credit: Patti + Ricky

For a more whimsical look, this tarnish-resistant gold-plated ring comes in either gold, silver, or turquoise-coloured glass beads on each side of the spiral. You can move the beads and spin them freely. 

These rings are the perfect way to ease your anxieties throughout everyday life while looking stylish at the same time.

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