Missing Woman in England, Nicola Bulley update.

There has been a new development in Nicola Bulley case, as a witness reveals a red van was in the area at the time of her disappearance. The missing woman in England disappeared on January 27th after dropping her kids off at school and taking her dogs for a walk. Nicola was going for a walk by the River Wyre while on a video call with her coworkers. As her phone was on mute and the camera was switched off, none of her coworkers were aware of what happened in real-time.

Missing woman in England

Family handout/PA Wire

A 55-year-old witness said that there was a “tatty red van” that looked suspicious in Hall Lane outside of a bar. Another witness revealed that they saw the same van driving through town at 9:40 am on the morning that Nicola Bulley vanished, seemingly without a trace. One of the witnesses said the van could have been “the sort of van you can live in.”

The man who first spotted the red van notified police three days after Nicola Bulley went missing and authorities asked if there was any dashcam footage of it. The case has authorities baffled as there is a ten-minute window that Nicola is unaccounted for from the time she was last seen to the time her dog and phone were found. Nicola was last spotted at 9:10 am and her phone was found on a bench at 9:20 am by a woman that lived in the caravan park nearby.

Investigators are continuing the search for Nicola along the mouth of the river, close to Fleetwood along the Western Coast but have so far found no signs of her. We will continue to update you as the authorities release new developments.