Meet Moonday.


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Moonday is a Canadian self-care brand that features a variety of all-natural soy-wax candles deisgned to help you relax. Keep reading to learn all about the must-try candle brand plus their latest drop, which is perfect for summer!

All about Moonday

Moonday launched in 2020 with the goal of helping people relax thorugh scent. Whether on a “Mo(o)nday”, or any other day of the week, take the time to slow down and unwind; self care never smelled so good!

The brand’s candles are fully handcrafted and hand-poured in Montreal by a small & dedicated team with a keen eye for detail and a desire to create beautiful products. Moonday also uses 100% vegan and natural ingredients to create products that are is scented with phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils.

Whether on a “Mo(o)nday”, or any other day of the week, take the time to slow down and unwind; self-care never smelled so good!

Moonday founder

The Founder

Moonday was founded by Iseult Savard Lévesque, who always appreciated the simple treasures in life.

“Moonday stems from the words ‘moon’ and ‘Monday’, which act as a little reminder to take a breath, day or moon (day or night), even during that Monday rush. Every candle is designed to accompany you during your bubble bath evenings, your study hours or after a major cleaning. But above all, to bring you joy in your daily life. You deserve your own deepest compassion and love.” Iseult explains.


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Moonday candles

Moonday is a one-stop candle shop! It offers a wide range of unique scented candles as well as fun DIY candle kits. You can shop from a variety of scents including the brand’s bestselling candle, Good Morning, which features a sweet blend of lemon, lime, and berry. This candleultimately  evokes the nostalgic childhood memory of enjoying the sweet taste of beloved Froot Loops cereal.

The brand’s Classic Collection offers 14 unique and incredible scents that are crafted to transport you from the chaos of life to your sacred space. Experience scents such as: But First Laundry, Sweet Cucumber, Maple Paradise, and more! All of which are delicious and must-haves for the home.

Moonday’s selection of candles are the ideal self-care activity. This is because they allow you to inhale a big breath and gently exhale.

Moonday Beliefs

At the core of Moonday’s values is their belief in finding the beauty of slow living, soaking up the little joys of everyday life, while being environmentally conscious. As part of the brand’s ongoing dedication to sustainability, Moonday uses recyclable glass jars to fill candles and ships all of the brand’s orders with eco-friendly packaging. This helps to minimize waste where possible.

Moonday has also partnered with TreeEra, which is an organization that helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint by community-funding the planting of trees. As a result, with every purchase, a new tree is planted. In exciting brand news, TreeEra and Moonday have planted over 3,200 trees around the world – and counting!


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New Launches

Grow your Moonday collection with the brand’s newest launches! Moonday recently launched 2 brand new candles,  which are now available to shop exclusively on their website.

These brand new arrivals consist of “Fruit Market” and “Flower Market,” both of which are the perfect summer scents to indluge in this season! Raspberry and Peach perfume notes can be found in Fruit Market, while the Magnolia, Lilac, and Jasmine perfume notes can be found in Flower Market, allowing for the ultimate summer relaxation experience.


Image Credit: Moonday

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