Welcome to the winter wonderland that Moose Knuckles created for their new FW 2021 campaign featuring Pete Davidson, Emily Ratajkowski and Adwoa Aboah. This campaign features all the Canadian humour you could find, especially since it’s physically impossible to go shirtless while it’s snowing and still have a smile as big as Pete Davidson’s.

Moose Knuckles is a Canadian outerwear brand and being Canadian means they know how cold it gets up here, so they know how to make coats and jackets that are perfect enough to go shirtless under. Moose Knuckles started its journey in 2009 and since then they have built it on the belief of creating the leanest, toughest and most luxurious sportswear in the world. Having engineered all Canadian knowledge, grit and heritage into each fibre of each piece allowed them to build the name that it is today. With unique performance, impeccable tailoring and ethically sourced materials Moose Knuckles has become the exceptional outerwear brand that has turned its Canadian name global. 

The fall-winter 2021 campaign brings all that with them when showing off the Canadian side of the brand and really embracing the cold culture that is known up North. In this campaign shot by iconic photographer David LaChapelle, Pete, Emily and Adwoa are all transported to a frozen cityscape, which looks exactly like Canada between the months of November and March. In the campaign, you see the three of them all wearing pieces from the new collection but also having a bit of fun too. Just like every other Canadian, we all need jackets and coats that can withstand our days of ice fishing, riding frozen motorcycles and our other basic mode of transportation ice picking. 

Seen in the photos are the newest releases to combat this year’s cold weather. ​​Pete Davidson is wearing the Oar River and Naufrage jacket all while riding an ice sculpture of a motorcycle.

Model Emily Ratajkowski is seen in the Comptior Puffer and Tracadie Jacket, the perfect pieces to keep her warm while ice picking. 

Finally, Adwoa Aboah living out the Canadian dream in a snowglobe where it’s always snowing, wearing the Gataga puffer and Afton vest, pieces that will keep her warm if she adds a pair of snow pants to one of her outfits. 

Moose Knuckles sure knows how to pinpoint its audience and knows that even in the most extreme situations you can guarantee you will be warm.

Article published by HOLR Magazine