Whether you’re moving for a compelling reason like upgrading to a better house or relocating for a new exciting job, or whether the reason behind your move is not that much of a joyous occasion and you simply don’t have a choice, there’s no doubt that you’re dreading the whole process of moving. 

And we don’t blame you. With months of in-advance planning, packing, mortgages and budgeting, and every other big or small thing to do in the moving task list, moving can be stressful. So you don’t want to add to the stress of having to worry about your expenses more than you already have to. 


So here are 4 simple tips for moving cheaply and saving a buck or two along the way.  

1. Declutter Your Space

 Let’s be honest; we all have bought stuff we thought we would need maybe months or years ago that are now just collecting dust in the back of the closet or in that 5th shelf of the garage storage. But you don’t need it, so why hang onto it? 

The more stuff you have to pack, the more expensive it will be, so the best way to avoid it is to start getting rid of things you know you won’t need.

One of the more positive things that come from moving is decluttering your space and knowing that whatever you unpack in your place is truly what you really want and need. 

Don’t be that people that pack every little thing with them and only start to declutter once they’re at their new home. Instead, sell, donate to Goodwill, or simply throw away the stuff you no longer need. 


2. Summer Months Are a No Go 

Whatever the reason may be, most households choose summer days as the perfect moving time, and the rest go vacationing during this time, making the roads and the highways more crowded. So, as a result, moving companies get busier and tend to charge more during the summer season. 

Avoid moving during the summer, and instead, aim to hire movers towards the fall or early winter days if possible. 


3. Be Creative with Your Packing Material

No one wants to pay extra for bubble wraps and boxes when you can make great use of the stuff you’re already taking to your new place as packing material. 

Wrap your glass or other breakables in soft clothing from your wardrobes; you will save money and also space. 

For moving boxes, avoid paying for them. There are countless places where you can get cardboard boxes for free; ask your local grocery or liquor store if they could part with a few boxes they’re not using anymore. 

Facebook market, craigslist, or other online platforms also have people who give away packing material for free because they don’t need them anymore. 


4. Plan as Much Ahead as Possible 

All the tips we’ve given you today will be that much effective if you start planning them in advance. 

Moving takes much more time than you might initially think and allocate to it, so make sure you start planning at least 8-10 weeks before your desired moving day. 

Want to sell your property with great margins or the bed you no longer use? Start planning early. 

You can also save money when booking your moving day in advance since many companies are willing to give great discounts for early bookings. 

Published on Holr Magazine