Toronto DJ & bedroom producer Jake Beck is dropping a new song April 15th, and will promote musicians that cover it across his 20K + fan based platforms.

Uploading videos of himself making beats to his 20K + Instagram followers, performing sold out shows in Toronto, and even headlining music festivals like Mexico’sValle En Blanco’, Jake Beck has only just begun to make waves. He utilizes live instruments, modern beats with some looped in music, and unconventional sound-makers such as wine bottles, bubble wrap, and tabletop impacts.

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The beat of his new song “Back Then” was written with a long-time friend of Jake’s, and the duo drew inspiration from fellow Toronto musician Carol Zhao’s tune “Concrete”.

Yara Kamal, PR genius and CEO of Scoria World, suggested that with the release of his new song, Jake should create an opportunity through the current state of quarantine by inviting other musicians to record themselves covering the song; Thus, creating a win-win scenario where talented individuals get promoted on Jake’s popular platforms, and in turn, promote the song itself. This provides exposure, opportunity, and an exciting new musical avenue for Jake and the other musicians involved to try. All those covering the song have to do is tag Jake on Instagram and include the hashtag #backthencovers.

Jake aims to use the energy from music to make people feel connected, and spread a sense of love and unity. Building a community of artists to promote each other and showcase their talent helps achieve that sense of love, support, and community; not to mention alleviate some of that quarantine boredom!

Jake has 2 more forthcoming self-produced songs with fellow musician Carol Zhao, one is referred to as a “pop chillhop song for the summer” and the other is a what is reffered to as a “hyped energy song”. Release dates will be announced closer to release.

If you’re a musician, ever considered trying it out, want to try something new, or need something to do, tune in to the release of “Back Then” and submit your personal cover; or show your support to participating musicians!

“Back Then” drops April 15th on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, and Tidal. And stay tuned with @jakebeckmusic for new music and opportunities.