As we approach the Love Island 2022 finale, online womenswear brand, Oh Polly, is proud to announce that almost 100 of their items have featured this season alone.

The styles have been worn by Danica, Ekin-Su, Paige, Indiyah, Tasha, Gemma, Lacey, Nathalia, Summer, Coco, Chyna and Afia. Ekin-Su alone has worn 27 items, followed by Tasha who wore 13 items and Danica who wore 11.

This season of Love Island has been centred around pre-loved pieces and shopping via eBay with a more sustainable approach to fashion. In 2021 Oh Polly saw 104 items featured on the show, so in comparison to this, it appears the girls are still choosing the iconic styles that they know and love. Perhaps this is also down to the high-quality garments and ethical supply and manufacturing process that Oh Polly offers.

The enormous display of Oh Polly items throughout the season clearly demonstrates the demand for modern, trend-driven pieces that stand out and flatter the female form. The Love Island cast have reworn and shared many of their Oh Polly items this year, including the Nalda and Adora dresses, which is a pattern common among the Oh Polly customer. Due to the high quality of these products and the longevity of the silhouettes and fabrics, friend groups can confidently split the cost and share their pieces for different occasions.

Oh Polly has reported that mid-way through this season an ITV Stylist contacted the brand to urgently send in more styles as the girls simply couldn’t get enough. This included activewear and swimwear products from sister brands Bo+Tee and Neena Swim.

Jazmine, Cheyanne, Mollie, Antigoni and Amber were the only girls not filmed in Oh Polly pieces. Although looking at Jazmine’s Instagram post on 23rd July 2022, it suggests she did wear the Lettie dress in the Villa. The caption reads “Giving this dress the airtime it deserves”.

Oh Polly offers affordable timeless styles that are designed in-house, built to stand the test of time and can be shared amongst peers, which ultimately causes a huge demand from generation Z. It goes without saying that clearly, they value high-quality items that do not compromise on style.