One Piece chapter 1075 is set to release on Monday, February 20, 2023, at 12 am JST. Despite the fact that it is still a few days away from release, the new chapter is already trending on social media as a result of the leaked spoilers. Read on to find out what One Piece Chapter 1075 has in store for you…

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Following the Wano arc, creator Eiichiro Oda introduced an intensely thrilling plot, bringing the manga series One Piece to a conclusion. Chapter 1074 returns after a two-week hiatus with a brief flashback to Egghead Island before revealing a major secret that has been kept hidden for years. It is anticipated that One Piece Chapter 1075 will reveal the secrets.

While the chapter’s full summary and raw scans have yet to be released, some early spoilers are available online. The raw scans and summaries will be available between Wednesday, February 15, and Friday, February 17.

Check out the early spoiler first shared by OPspoiler on Twitter:

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The epic battle between Big Mom and Kaido has been resolved in the most recent chapter of One Piece. Unexpectedly, Big Mom prevailed and threw Kaido into the water. She now rules over the surrounding areas but is still powerless against the other powerful Yonko.

Lucci and Kaku

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Luffy and Kid joined forces together to save Shanks, but their victory was brief as they were confronted by Big Mom and her army. They remained strong and prepared to face the full force of Big Mom’s warriors, who were attempting to rescue Kaido from the depths of the ocean.

The other Yonko were planning to stop the Gulf War since they were aware of the major changes it had brought about. As they engage in their greatest battle to date, the ultimate outcome of our heroes is still up in the air. Will they triumph over Big Mom’s influence, or will they fail?

One Piece Chapter 1074 Recap

CP0 agents attempt to invade the island in One Piece Chapter 1074, but Sentomaru’s Mark 3 Pacifistas stop them. Sentomaru, who the World Government views as a rebel, chooses to employ them to defend Vegapunk. Luffy explores the lab for Stella, the main component of Vegapunk, while Zoro stays behind to keep an eye on Lucci and Kaku.

In the memory bubble of her father, Bonney observes a young Kuma being kidnapped without his will. Pythagoras hears an explosion as search teams are set up to look for the main body. The chapter comes to a close with Big News Morgans, Vivi, and Wapol on a flying ship, happy with the state of affairs and preparing to publish an article in support of the World Government.

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