After a two-week pause, the most recent chapter of the well-known Japanese manga One Piece is out. After the tremendous action in the last episode, in which Shanks attacked Eustass Kid, this installment is full of suspense.

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This time, the narrative centres on Garp, an acclaimed Navy hero who conducts an attack on the Pirate Island in order to rescue Koby and defeat the pirates. Garp’s mission may be investigated more deeply in One Piece 1081, the upcoming chapter.

The chapter came to a close with Garp’s attack on the island, referred to as Galaxy Fist. As a result, everyone’s attention is currently focused on One Piece 1081, which is coming up.

One Piece 1081 is unquestionably going to be an incredible addition to the Egghead Island arc because of the drama that is taking place on Egghead Island, the Pirate Island, and on the seas where Law and Blackbeard are currently engaged in a duel.

What to Expect in One Piece Chapter 1081

It’s very likely that the events of One Piece 1080 will continue in 1081. The previous chapter ended with Garp attacking the island with his Conqueror’s Haki-infused strike and obliterating an extensive part of it. Garp has just begun his attack, and he probably won’t stop.

The most likely outcome in this situation is that Garp would demolish the entire island while the other Blackbeard Pirate commanders depart, freeing all of the prisoners from the dread of Hachinosu. In addition to allowing Koby to be set free, this would also provide the other pirates who were held captive by Blackbeard a way out.

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One Piece 1081 might also draw attention to Blackbeard. Blackbeard is currently fighting the pirate Trafalgar Law in the New World while the majority of his crew is engaged in battle with the Navy unit commanded by Garp.

Fans may also observe another Blackbeard Pirates unit moving towards Egghead Island in One Piece chapter 1081. This was hinted at in One Piece chapter 1079, that former Admiral Aokiji might be the head of this unit.

Fans anticipate that chapter 1081 will give some attention to Egghead Island and its happenings because chapter 1080 did not at all focus on it. A Blackbeard pirate ship was depicted sailing towards the island in chapter 1079. One Piece chapter 1081 might shed some light on this pirate ship and identify those on board.

The Navy’s activities might potentially be revealed to the fans in this chapter. They’ve been at sea for a while, and with each new chapter, they get closer to Egghead. The Navy, under the command of Admiral Kizaru, might reach Egghead Island in the upcoming chapter.

When will One Piece Chapter 1081 be released?

Sadly, because the manga is taking a break the next week, readers will have to wait two weeks to read One Piece Chapter 1081. After chapter 1081, the manga will take another week off, but One Piece Chapters 1082 and 1083 will continue on as usual. One Piece Chapter 1081 is scheduled to be released on April 23, 2023, according to Manga Plus. As always, the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps offer free access to the chapter for readers.

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