Due to Japan’s Golden Week, Chapter 1082 of the One Piece manga had its spoilers published earlier than usual. As a result, anticipation for the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1083 is already high. Given how abruptly the previous installment ended, this following one is eagerly awaited.

Prediksi Manga One Piece Chapter 1083: Sabo Bakal Bongkar Sosok Im Sama  Sebenarnya! - Senayan Post

Image Credit: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha

Sabo’s revelations regarding Marie Jois and the Lulusia Island continue to be the most likely focus of Chapter 1083, making them one of the most obvious hypotheses. Despite having a significant role in the last installment, it is unlikely that Buggy’s Cross Guild will make an appearance. The tentative release window for One Piece Chapter 1083 spoilers will be clarified in this post.

One Piece Chapter 1083: Expected Release

According to the well-known Twitter leaker @OP_SPOILERS2023, the spoilers for the next episode should be made public on May 8 or May 9, 2023.

This following chapter will be published after a week due to a change in the official release schedule for Chapter 1082. The spoilers are therefore also arriving later than normal. The chapter will be published later to accommodate Eiichiro Oda’s schedule.

One Piece Chapter 1083: Expected plot 

As previously indicated, fans anticipate that the new chapter would contain Sabo’s discoveries concerning Marie Jois, which caused Imu to destroy the entire Lulusia Island in his search for him. It’s possible that Sabo is in possession of privileged knowledge of Imu’s position as the world’s single ruler. As a result, the new chapter has sparked a lot of excitement among fans who anticipate another masterpiece from Oda.

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