Paloma Wool is a relatively new fashion brand that’s has been gaining a lot of recognition. It was founded 5 years ago in Barcelona by Paloma Lanna, 30, and Tana Latorre, 34. The project is conscious of local production and aims to bring awareness and educate on consumer habits. 

The unconventional firm has brought the attention of supermodels like Kaia Gerber, which has sparked an interest between the Gen-Z. 

“Paloma Wool is my name and the name of this project, which is about getting dressed and about space or ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed.” That is how the brand describes itself and how it portrays its essence. 

Acknowledging the fashion industry’s shortcomings enables them to challenge the system they work in. This allows Paloma Wool to develop its own path in conscious manufacturing, supporting local production, offering transparency, applying minimal waste procedures as well as the use of sustainable fibres, low-impact dyes, and ethical printing methods. They encourage responsible shopping and create pieces with easy and sensible care requirements for sustainable and long worthy quality 

As they have gained recognition, they have been able to collab with other creators, artists, and musicians. Their collab with the band HAIM is one of their biggest. They worked alongside Danielle, Este, and Alana to create a unique collection that represents both the brand and the music group. 

“I remember looking up at them during one of their concerts 7 years ago in Barcelona, the same year I started this project, thinking what a dream it would be to dress these women that I felt so represented by. They stand for things I admire. They make music I can’t keep still to, they are powerful on and off stage, make a point of always sharing love and having fun, and are bold about everything they do.” 

They have a wide range of clothing items. From knitwear to shoes and swimwear. They even have a unisex section to promote inclusivity and to ensure there is an item out there for everyone. 

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