Why is “Paris and Kuaron Harvey the real video” trending online? HOLR is breaking down the news and why people are talking about it.

Why is “Paris and Kuaron Harvey the real video” trending? Let’s talk about it.

Paris and Kuaron Harvey Instagram live

According to this article, Kuaron Harvey was one of two victims killed in an unintentional shooting and “freak accident” that occurred on March 25, 2022. In the shocking incident that rocked the internet, the victims were two kids, allegedly cousins, who were playing with a pistol. During the incident, one child accidentally shot her cousin. She then shot herself.

In the viral video supposedly captured on Instagram Live, Paris Harvey, 12, allegedly shot and killed her cousin Kuaron Harvey, 14, before shooting herself. The tragic incident occurred supposedly at a home and was deemed an accidental shooting, resulting in a “murder-suicide” as noted here. According to the article, “Paris’ mother Shanise Harvey didn’t know who the gun belonged to or how her daughter found it.”

HOLR will not be linking the video in this article as it contains graphic content.

Paris and Kuaron Harvey Twitter

The live video portraying the disturbing scene subsequently went viral on Twitter, shocking the internet.

Paris and Kuaron Harvey Reddit

Reddit users took to the platform to discuss the trending news in multiple threads. This was a tragic incident involving two alleged family members and it continues to rock the internet as the video has resurfaced in recent days sparking new interest amongst internet users.

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