From graphic liners to sugar-coated lips, we rounded up the beauty trends from Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week 2022 Beauty Round-Up

This season’s Paris Fashion Week was filled with presentations–both in person and in digital format—that will surely be one for the books. This season, we found ourselves admire looks derived from 60s board games by Dior, gets submerged in subversive basics in Acne Studios, and dread the comeback of low-waist skirts all thanks to Miu Miu. The clothes are definitely worthy to talk about, but the beauty department is just as commendable this season. Below, we’ve rounded up the beauty trends from this season’s Paris Fashion Week

Graphic Liners 

Paris Fashion Week 2022 Beauty Round-Up

Kochè Spring 2022 RTW
Photo Credit: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com

Graphic liners have been a popular trend in the last year or two. Fashion brands do not shy away from reusing this trend season after season. This make-up look varies in sizes, shapes, and colours. Some brands go for a minimalist graphic look. In Dior’s spring 2022 show, the models’ faces were almost blank– clean face, no lipstick or blush of any kind; only two black lines that go on their top and bottom lashes. 

Kochè on the other hand went for glossy lids and long taupe liners that gave an illusion of elongated eye shape. The slickness of the make-up paired well with their collection of glittery dresses and sleek hair. 

Rochas just like their clothes went for the rebellious route by putting the colourful graphic liners under the eye. The subtle pop of eye make-up fitted well with the rest of the collection. 

Harsh Blush 

Paris Fashion Week 2022 Beauty Round-Up

Valentino Spring 2022 RTW
Photo Credit: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com

There has been plenty of attempts in blush application in the past year or so, but the consistent technique this season was the harsh application of blush on the cheekbones. In Valentino, selected models wore blushes that further enhanced their facial structures. The bright Fuschia pink blush was intentionally unblended on the cheeks, and the same pigment was used on the lids and temples. 

Issey Miyake had their models wear clean faces except for the sweep of dyes on their cheeks, jawlines, and foreheads. The colours blended well with the circular-pleated clothes from the collection. It was soft yet deliberate. 

Bold Lips of Any Kind 

Paris Fashion Week 2022 Beauty Round-Up

Acne Studios Spring 2022 RTW
Photo Credit: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com

Of course, what is fashion week without bold lips? This season, plenty of runways embraced the bold lip look. Some went for the classic red like Saint Laurent and Giambattista Valli. The other shows, however, chose drama (like as if classic red isn’t dramatic enough). 

Acne Studios’ entire spring 2022 collection was free of glitz and glam, all except for the make-up. Some of the models walked down the runway in sugar-coated lips– or at least that’s what it looked like from afar. The crystal-embellished lip that glistened the runway was a good addition to the Gen-Z-inspired collection.

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