Why is Justin Perfect Match Season 2 Feet trending?

HOLR breaks down the claims.

Justin Perfect Match Season 2 Feet

June 22, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @realityteawithv, fans are alleging that Elys did not match with Justin because of his… feet?!

It seems like a joke but keep reading to learn why Justin’s feet are allegedly trending following the Season 2 finale.

Justin Feet Perfect Match

As the TikToker notes, Justin was caught on camera during this season with very unflattering footage of his feet, which fans caught, as you can tell from the TikTok video’s comment section.

Others claimed that Elys complimented Bryton’s feet- which is who she ended up matching with in the final episodes.

Was this compliment for Bryton an alleged dig at Justin? This is unclear.

Is this the “real reason” why Elys did not match with Justin? There is no way of knowing because Elys claimed she had a genuine connection with Brytonn. What do you think of this alleged footage of Justin’s feet going viral online following the season finale?

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Image Credits: @justinassada Instagram, @realityteaawithv TikTok

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