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A dream destination for children due to Disneyland, as well as for romantic souls, intellectuals, and passionate wine and haute cuisine lovers, France attracts a variety of visitors. Its rich and significant culture and history, along with captivating, one-of-a-kind sceneries, of all types, put it on of every travellers bucket list. Whichever of the 18 different regions one chooses to explore, there is no doubt he will be amazed and wanting to return for a second dip. Located to the West, next to the Alps thus to Switzerland, we encounter the region of Rhône-Alpes, which capital is also the European Gastronomical Capital, Lyon. For this time, we set aside the urban adventure, and suggest an unforgettable indulgence in charming towns and villages, found in close distance of the geographical marvel of the Alps, a stop at which should not be missed.

1. The Venice of the Alps

Some travel destinations, regardless of how beautiful they are, remain unfamiliar to the majority of travellers, something that definitely helps in preserving their uniqueness. It takes for someone to have the heart of a real explorer, or to be lucky enough to know someone else that has already visited Annecy, to find out about it. The town’s canals and waterfront charm created the comparison to the Italian Venice. Forget all about routine and everyday hustle and bustle, by venturing its Old Town, embarking on a boat tour, and taking a dinner at the lakefront.

2. The Capital of the Alps

The fact that Grenoble is the biggest urban centre to the closest distance from the mountain range, gives her the aforementioned nickname. An appealing Old Town with several landmarks, cafés, and boutiques to stroll around and explore, a museum with an impressive collection of art from various periods, and a fortress, will keep you occupied during the day. The town’s panoramic view of the natural scenery, is captivating, and probably the best one can get, before getting more closer.

3. L’Isle Au Soleil

It’s probably time to reveal the real gem of this trip, and how the previous towns as well as one more following next, were selected. All of them are in close distance with each other, but their main common point, is the instant access they provide to the ski area of L’Isle Au Soleil, which as its name implicates, is sunny for an average of 300 days a year. Counting a century of operation, L’Alpe d’Huez ski resort, aligns with the necessity of all level skiers, whilst offering great relaxing opportunities. The same applies for accommodation, as one can choose the most suitable in between a hotel room, an apartment, or a chalet by Erna Low.

4. Valence

Our most south and final stop is mostly known for hosting an architectural masterpiece of the 11th century, the Saint-Apollinaire Cathedral, with its impressive facade, stunning interior, and glass windows. The town of Valence has the ideal balance of cultural stimulus and a more ambient atmosphere. Walk along the banks of the Rhône River, 

leisurely stroll in the serene green oasis of Parc Jouvet, and don’t forget to taste the local Dauphiné delicacy.

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