They have done it again! Powerhouse bilingual latin-girl group Bella Dose releases yet another unique, empowering, catchy smash hit. “She” which is about female empowerment and self-love. Touching on emotions, thoughts, and feelings many experience but few discuss. The girls charisma, versatility, chemistry, and passion for the art motivates relatable, authentic music. Showing they are a triple threat, “She” demonstrates the girls singing, dancing, and acting skills. 

When did you start planning ‘She’? 

We wrote this song not too long ago. We actually wrote this song in the room we’re in now, we even recorded it in the closet. Our producer flew out from L.A to DR, we wrote a song, it was 4am and we were writing this song we couldn’t fall asleep! The next morning we worked all day on the song, and after we were just like “alright”, we knew it was the next song.

billingual girl group bella dose

How did you come to write a song touching up on anxiety and mental health? 

It is a very vulnerable song. It touches topics that are very sensitive and very personal to us as individuals and as a whole as well. It’s something that’s neglected in society. now it’s coming more to life, which I love because people are placing importance on being a better you with well being and mental state. It’s a vulnerable song, we’re all human, we all go through these things, so let’s just write a song and tell people that they are not alone, and that we’re  trying to be there for them. We want people to find comfort in our music.

In the “She” music video, you each sing, dance, and even act! Did you know getting together that you’re each a triple threat? 

We definitely saw the talent in each other, and when you’re great all as individuals, let’s come together and see what happens as a whole, and it worked great! I think that’s why we’re so strong on there being no ‘we’, no ‘main singer’, or ‘main dancer’, because we see the potential of us each being a lead but as all four of us together. We build each other up and it’s something that we really like to capitalize on. This is us, this is Bella Dose, and we’re all really good at this too.

Now that you’ve delved into your acting skills on top of singing and dancing, are there new projects you want to try out? 

For sure! We want to try Tv shows and other things because it definitely opens doors for opportunities, especially together!

Can you tell us anything else that you’re working on? 

We’re working on so much new music. We’re excited to release the stuff we have now because it’s very different than music we’ve released in the past. It’s going to touch people in so many different ways, so we’re excited for people to hear what we’re working on. I feel like it’s something that’s not really going to be expected, so expect the unexpected!

Billingual Girl Group Bella Dose in wedding gowns for their new music video "she"

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