Amazon’s Prime Video unveils the official trailer for the new supernatural Western thriller, Outer Range. Watch the mind-bending trailer below.

Prime Video Unveils “Outer Range” Trailer Ahead of April Premiere

Outer Range, Perry Abbott (played by Tom Pelphrey), Rhett Abbott (played by Lewis Pullman), Royal Abbott (played by Josh Brolin) Image courtesy of Amazon Studios

Outer Range is Prime Video’s new original series starring Oscar-nominee Josh Brolin. Brolin plays the Wyoming rancher, Royal Abbott, who fights for his land and family. The story centers on Royal and his family, who are coping with the disappearance of his daughter-in-law, Rebecca. The Abbotts find themselves in a predicament when the neighbouring ranch owner, Wayne Tillerson, makes a move for their land. Then, a girl named Autumn shows up at the Abbott ranch and is persistent in camping there despite Royal’s disapproval. To top it all off, the Abbott family gets plagued when a massive cryptic black void shows up at their west pasture. Yes, that’s right; a massive black void shows up in this supposedly quiet small-town community. Disturbed, as you can imagine, Royal fights to protect his family from the threats of greedy ranchers and the mysteries and dangers the black void poses. 

Prime Video Unveils “Outer Range” Trailer Ahead of April Premiere

Outer Range, Autumn (played by Imogen Poots) Image courtesy of Amazon Studios

Outer Range, a Western Esoteric Thriller

If you like the family drama, Yellowstone but wish that it could be darker and twisted like Twin Peaks or Midnight Mass, then Outer Range is for you. The cinematic TV series is a gripping Western family drama that teeters between paranormal and psychological thriller. It also has tinges of twisted sardonic humour provided by the eccentric characters. By the looks of it, Outer Range is an eerie, trippy esoteric nail-biter that explores how we, humans, tackle the unknown. Besides, how does anyone go about a massive black void (that is a potential portal) in their backyard? Though it’s natural to fear the unknown, Royal and his family have no choice but to face the supernatural elements connected with the void. Throughout the show, the Abbotts, with the help of Autumn—who seem to have a deeper and stranger connection with the void— unfold secrets that are larger than life. 

Prime Video Unveils “Outer Range” Trailer Ahead of April Premiere

Outer Range, Billy Tillerson (played by Noah Reid) Image courtesy of Amazon Studios

Outer Range Official Trailer

Prime Video first released a teaser trailer in early March, where the eeriness of the show was strongly exhibited through Royal’s prayer. In the less than two-minute video, Brolin’s character sits with the rest of his family at a dinner table where he initiates grace before supper. The prayer, however, progressively sounded more desperate and agitated. “I’m asking you (God) to come down here and explain yourself because this world of yours isn’t quite adding up,” says Royal. “Man there is a great void!” he screams. 

The official trailer was released on April 5th and it shows a brief introduction of the characters. It shows Autumn’s arrival at the ranch and her weird musings involving a cryptic symbol. And then that was followed by Wayne Tillerson’s obsession with Royal’s west pasture, plus a snippet of Noah Reid singing Juice Newton’s “Angels of the Morning.” 

Watch the creepy action-packed trailer below.

Outer Range Cast

Joining Josh Brolin, Imogen Poots (I Know This Much is True) plays the odd camper, Autumn; Will Patton (Yellowstone) as the ambitious rancher Wayne Tillerson; Lili Taylor (Perry Mason) as Cecilia Abbott; Tamara Podemski (Four Sheets to the Wind) as Deputy Sherrif Joy; and Lewis Pullman (Top Gun: Maverick) as Rhett Abbott. Schitt’s Creek breakout star Noah Reid plays the eccentric son of Wayne Tillerson, Billy Tillerson. In addition, more breakout talents like Tom Pelphrey (Ozark), Shaun Sipos (Krypton), Isabel Arraiza (The Little Things), and Olive Abercrombie (The Haunting of Hill House) join the ensemble. 

Outer Range Premiere Date on Prime Video

Outer Range is from the creation and executive production of Brian Watkins. Joining Watkins as executive producers are Zev Borrow, Heather Rae, and Josh Brolin. Robin Sweet, Tony Krantz, Amy Seimetz, and Lawrence Trilling also act as executive producers of the show. The production also involves Plan B Entertainment for Amazon Studios. Their executive producers are Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Brad Pitt. 

The first season of Outer Range will premiere on April 15th, 2022. The series will consist of eight episodes, with two episodes showing every Friday, starting on the premiere date. Outer Range will be available to stream exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. 

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