Prime Video’s new Sci-Fi drama, Night Sky, which stars Academy Award winners J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek, announces a new premiere date.

What happens if you accidentally uncovered a space travelling chamber that leads to a different planet? What if this chamber is in your backyard? Will you hide it? Keep it to yourself? Or will you explore the chamber’s secret? This exact scenario happens in Prime Video’s new Sci-Fi series, Night Sky

Prime Video Sci-Fi Drama Night Sky Starring J.K. Simmons Announces Release Date

Photo Credit: J.K. Simmons in “Being the Ricardos” (2021) via IMDB

Night Sky Explores Space and Time Travel

This poignant new drama starring J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek explores space and time travel and any cumbersome consequences that come with it. Night Sky—formerly titled Lightyears—follows Irene and Franklin York, who stumbled upon a chamber buried in their backyard. If this isn’t strange enough—you know, finding buried chambers in your backyard—the chamber leads them to a deserted planet. If you are asking just how on Earth does one go about that information, well, the Yorks did arguably the most logical thing to do: kept it a secret. 

The chamber was guarded carefully by the Yorks for several years, and it all seems to be going smoothly until an enigmatic young man named Jude interrupts their quiet life. Soon, the couple’s undisturbed life quickly turned upside down. The chamber that they thought they knew so well, turns out to be so much more than they imagined. 

The question of whether the Yorks are lucky to stumble upon an incredible technology, or whether they are unfortunate to carry this secret with them, is up for everyone’s interpretation. If you are a Doctor Who fan, then this must be a good thing, so Allons-y! Enjoy the secret life of space travelling! But if you are an avid fan of Sci-Fi dystopian films, then this must be just the worst. Either way, just be thankful you’re not the Yorks. 

Prime Video Sci-Fi Drama Night Sky Starring J.K. Simmons Announces Release Date

Photo Credit: Sissy Spacek in “The Old Man and The Gun” (2018) via IMDB

The Cast of Night Sky

J.K. Simmons (Being the Ricardos) and Sissy Spacek (The Old Man and The Gun) will play the (lucky/unlucky) Franklin and Irene York, and Chai Hansen (The Newsreader) will play the enigmatic Jude. In addition, Cass Buggé (Yes Day), Ian Owens (Shrill), and Beth Lacke (High School Musical: The Musical – The Series) join the three leads. Meanwhile, Lowrey Brown (Hillbily Elegy) and Lily Cardone (Bernie The Dolphin) play the young Yorks. 

Night Sky’s Release Date

Night Sky is a co-production of Amazon Studios and Legendary Television, the same production that gave us Carnival Row and Paper Girls. Holden Miller wrote and co-executive produced the show, alongside Daniel C. Connolly, who also serves as the showrunner. The Amazon Original series Night Sky will premiere all eight episodes worldwide on Prime Video on Friday, May 20th, 2022.

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