Prime Video recently announced the premiere date and official trailer for the historical drama A Very British Scandal.

Prime Video Reveals Premiere Date and Trailer for “A Very British Scandal”

Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

A Very British Scandal: The Most Scandalous Divorce

Claire Foy and royalty drama fans rejoice! The actress, who played the young Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, is back with another historical drama involving high-ranking nobles. This time, Foy will play Margaret Campbell (nee Whigham), Duchess of Argyll and playing opposite Foy is Paul Bettany as Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll. Both will re-enact the dramatic and infamous 1963 divorce, which involved forgery, theft, and adultery. To put simply, by postwar Britain’s 1960s standards, this divorce case was the highest of all the highest profile. It was scandalous and brutal. The Depp versus Heard case (that is currently happening right now) is nothing compared to what happened to these royals. 

A Very British Scandal centers on the life of Margaret and Ian—from when they first met to the actual divorce proceedings. The miniseries explores the social and political climate of postwar Britain, and it takes a look at the treatment of women and asks whether institutional misogyny was widespread (it was). Ultimately, the series focuses on Margaret and how she has dealt with the public (and slut) shaming she received from her peers, the public, and the press. Margaret’s fall from grace was both very interesting and infuriating to watch. 

Prime Video Reveals Premiere Date and Trailer for “A Very British Scandal”

Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The Argyll v Argyll Case 

It is interesting because this is a woman who came from wealth and was well-known for her beauty and notoriety in high society. In 1930, she was the debutante of the year, and from then on, she garnered international press. Whether her fame was from her socialite lifestyle or her dalliances with several notable men, it was clear that Margaret never wished to stray from the limelight. So when her secret diary and private intimate photos—stolen by her then-husband, Ian Campbell—became public, it was like getting knocked down from a monumental pedestal. They did say, “the higher you climb, the harder you fall,” right? Regardless, watching the descent of a person who was supposed to be untouchable is disconcerting. 

At the same time, it was infuriating because this is a woman who had to face the public after having her private affairs aired out by her husband. Her name was dragged, spat, and degraded by almost everyone. Her husband accused her of adultery and even named 88 men with whom he believed she had consorted. Furthermore, the judge of the divorce case commented that the duchess was “a highly sexed woman who had ceased to be satisfied with normal relations and had to start to indulge in disgusting sexual activities to gratify a debased sexual appetite.”

To make matters worse, the Duke did not face any legal consequences even though he acquired the evidence through theft. He was addicted to alcohol, gambling, and prescription drugs. He also has a history of physical and emotional abuse, according to his first two wives. Additionally, before the two got married, the Duke forged a deed of sale and used Margaret’s money to restore his family home, and then he later wiretapped her car. Talk about double standards!

A Very British Scandal Trailer

All of that and plenty more is divulged in the show.  Watch the official trailer below.

The Cast and the Premiere of A Very British Scandal

Julia Davis, Richard McCabe, Olwen May, and Albertine Kotting McMillan joins Bettany and Foy in A Very British Scandal. Other cast members include Amanda Drew, Richard Goulding, Mitchell Robertson, and Sophia Myles.  

The miniseries is a three-episode special, following 2018’s A Very English Scandal (which is about the Thorpe affair). Sarah Phelps wrote and created the show. She served as an executive producer along with Anne Sewitsky, who directed the series. Under the Blueprint Pictures and Amazon Prime Video, A Very British Scandal will be available to stream on Friday, April 22nd, 2022 in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

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