Erin Doherty stars in a new psychological thriller, Chloe. The series is a co-production of BBC One and Amazon Studios and will premiere worldwide this June 2022.

Psychological Thriller “Chloe” starring Erin Doherty Premiering This June on Prime Video

Chloe Key Art | Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios and BBC One

Prime Video Announces Premiere for Chloe

Prime Video reveals the premiere date for Chloe—a new gripping British drama starring Erin Doherty who is known for her portrayal of Princess Anne in Netflix’s The Crown. Doherty will play the obsessed Becky Green whose life turns upside down after a series of lies and deceit she committed. The show is the creation of Sex Education’s writer and director, Alice Seabright. Seabright gets credit for creating, writing, directing and executive producing the show. Chloe is also a co-production between BB One, Mam Tor Productions, and Amazon Studios.

Chloe: A psychological thriller that shows how far one’s obsession can go

As a psychological thriller, Chloe is a story about how far one’s obsession can go. The story follows Doherty’s character, Becky Green, who is obsessed with her childhood friend Chloe Fairbourne. Becky’s obsession is a result of her limited perception of Chloe’s life through the latter’s perfectly curated social media presence. Of course, not everything you see on social media is true but Becky doesn’t seem to be able to grasp that concept since she was far too convinced that Chloe’s life is nothing but picture perfect complete with a meditation post-yoga pic. Surely jealousy and envy are something most of us have felt at least once, but Becky takes it a step too far when she embodies her alter-ego, Sasha. 

This was all triggered when during Becky’s casual doom scroll at Chloe’s social media pages, finds that her old childhood friend suddenly dies (obviously through an Instagram post, no less). As she was stuck with grief and confusion, Becky’s obsession with Chloe intensifies when she decides to find out what happened to Chloe’s death. To do so, she stalks Chloe’s closest friends and eventually became friends with them as her alter-ego, Sasha. Through this, Sasha becomes a “powerful, transgressive heroine” who is far more socially successful than her actual real life as Becky. 

However, a life that starts with lies does not end well. As Becky plunges herself into more lies, she starts to risk losing herself entirely. On the other hand though, the deeper her lies get, the closer she is to the truth about Chloe’s death. Becky must choose how to properly play this game of deception she invented. 

Psychological Thriller “Chloe” starring Erin Doherty Premiering This June on Prime Video

Brandon Michael Hall as Josh / Pippa Bennet Warner as Livia / Erin Doherty as Becky | Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios and BBC One

Chloe Trailer, Cast and Crew

Chloe is a six-episode series that will launch on June 24th, 2022 on Prime Video worldwide. Watch the official trailer below.

Joining Doherty, the cast of Chloe consists of Poppy Gilbert (Stay Close) as the titular character, Chloe; Billy Howle (The Serpent) as Elliot; Pippa Bennet-Warner (Gangs of London) as Livia; Jack Farthing (Poldark) as Richard; and Brandon Michael Hall (Search Party) as Josh.

Joanna Crow is the series producer while Amanda Boyle is the second block director of the show. Meanwhile, joining Seabright as executive producers are Tally Garner, Morven Reid for Mam Tor Productions, and Ben Irving for the BBC. 

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