Does Prince Harry have a secret hotel room?

On Saturday, an insider claimed that Prince Harry has a secret hotel room that he uses when he wants to be alone, The Sun notes. According to the source, Harry uses the LA “escape place” when he needs time away from other people, including his wife, Meghan Markle.

However, a representative of the Duke of Sussex declined the allegations on Sunday, PageSix writes. “This is not true.” the rep stated.

Gayle King Prince Harry

Photo Credit: Joe Pugliese, CBS via Getty Image

The hotel room allegations came shortly after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were involved in a paparazzi car chase. According to this source, the two took part in a “near-fatal” car chase with 12 photographers. “It started off with 12 paparazzi, then ended up with four chasing [Meghan, Harry and Doria]. Their security tried their best to lose [photographers].” an insider told the outlet.

On Sunday, journalist Gayle King addressed the car chase in a chat with PageSix. “I think it was a very unfortunate incident,” King said. “It’s troubling to me that anybody would try to downplay what that would mean to them. That’s very troubling to me.” Gayle continued, talking about how people had tried to “minimize” the impact the incident could have had on Meghan and Harry.

“I’m just really sorry it happened and very sorry they had to go through it. Everybody can have all of their opinions but I always go back to, ‘How did they feel in that moment?’” King added.

Prince Harry Car Chase

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


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