In his bombshell autobiography, Prince Harry details how he lost his virginity at the age of 17 to an older woman in the British countryside.

The Duke of Sussex described how the older women treated him like a “young stallion” and how their romantic rendezvous occurred in a field behind a “very busy pub,” in his memoir.

‘It was a passionate, tipsy – and very probably ill-advised – encounter between two friends who snuck out of a pub for a crafty Marlboro Light and ended up clambering over a fence to make love in a field, shielded from sight by a dense summer hedgerow.’ This passage from the book has sparked a worldwide guessing challenge as to the identity of the unknown “older woman.”

Sasha Walpole, who says she slept with Prince for the first time in the summer of 2001 when Harry was 16 and she was about to turn 19, has come out to make the accusation.

Who is Sasha Walpole?

Image Credit: Les Wilson

Sasha Walpole is the woman to whom Harry lost his virginity. Sasha revealed that Harry made the first move, resulting in their “spontaneous and sparky” sex in a field behind The Vine Tree tavern in Norton, Wiltshire.

Walpole said she was friends with Harry at the time and had known him for years. Walpole used to work as a stable girl for the then-Prince Charles at his Gloucestershire estate, Highgrove House, and now makes a fortune as an industrial plough digger.

She claims that on July 21, 2001, she brought Harry to the Vine Tree bar to celebrate her 19th birthday. After the party, she claims he asked her to smoke in the backyard, and they later “got it on” in the nearby field, just as he claimed in his memoir “Spare.”

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Walpole revealed to the British media that she was truly concerned by Harry’s announcement of their fleeting secret affair. She claims she had kept his secret for years and is embarrassed he revealed it.

Check out what Sasha Walpole told Daily Mail:

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