Reformation Canada, the exceptionally timeless and current brand is making its first home at Yorkdale mall in Toronto. 

Reformation currently has 14 locations, all of which are in the United States.  With six of the locations in California, five in New York City, two in Texas and one in Florida, Chicago, Boston and Washington.  The brand is expanding into the Canadian market with it’s first store location in Toronto’s Yorkdale mall in summer 2019.  

cover photo via Reformation 

This brand is hard to miss as every blogger and Insta-famous model is wearing and styling their pieces.  Fans of the brand also include Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratajkowski and the majority of Victoria Secret models.  The key focus of Reformation Canada that makes them an extremely cool and unique brand for Millennials and Gen Z consumers is their combination of eco-friendly and fashion forward.  The brand’s focus is on being sustainable using ethical materials and manufacturing methods.  The clothing is chic and effortless giving consumers that cool-girl yet classic look that we are seeing everywhere are tying to emulate.  Every piece of their clothing is low maintenance looking and makes everyone look like they aren’t trying too hard, because lets face it no one wants that!

Reformation started as e-commerce brand and is based in Los Angeles.  Founder Yael Aflalo creates pieces that are extremely feminine and wearable and has made a name for the brand in the industry, creating what people want to wear now.  Reformation stands out not only for their amazing designs but also their impact on the environment.  Looking through their website each piece has a section called sustainability which gives you statistics on that specific piece, such as carbon dioxide savings, water savings and waste savings as well as describing the fabrics that have been carefully chosen.

The stores themselves are clean and luxurious looking following the brand’s overall concept.  The introduction of stores such as Reformation into the Canadian market shows just how far we have come.  Toronto being the first city outside of the United States to have a Reformation store is telling of the fashion climate in the city.  The opening of this new store is so exciting and the brand itself has become revolutionary.

Check out some of their amazing pieces before the store opens!

photos via reformation

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