What did ASAP and Rihanna name their baby?

In August, news spread that Rihanna had given birth to her second child with A$AP Rocky.

On August 1st, Rihanna and Rocky welcomed baby boy Riot Rose Mayers. Riot Rose joins older brother RZA, who was born in back in May of 2022.

However, according to sources, the name might not be much of a surprise, since Rihanna may have hinted at part of her son’s name at the Met Gala back in May. Her outfit choice may have been a slight tribute to her son. It’s also believed that A$AP Rocky may have also made a tribute to his son in the song ‘Riot,’ as well as with his Met Gala outfit, also noted here.

rihanna and rocky baby boy name

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The apparent ‘special meaning’ behind Rhianna and A$AP Rocky’s new baby name.

The couple’s first-born son was named RZA in honour of the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, as mentioned here.

rihanna and rocky baby boy name

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But how about their newborn son? How did he get his name? An unnamed source revealed to ET the reason for Rihanna’s outfit at the Met Gala. “Not everyone knows this, but Rocky loves flowers—he loves having fresh flowers in the house, he loves decorating with flowers, and he even had real flowers in his grill once,” as also noted here. And apparently, Roses are Rihanna’s favourite flower too.

Celebrities are often known to want to stand out and be different with the names of their children, so it’s nice when celebrities go with meaningful and normal.

When will baby Riot be introduced to the loyal fans?

While Rihanna and Rocky have not released a snap of their baby boy yet, sources say that it will come soon.

“They know everyone wants to see a family pic—there will be one soon!”

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