Schitt’s Creek Reboot Coming Soon?

Schitt’s Creek creator and star of the hit series, Dan Levy says a reunion would have to be “worth it.”

dan levy schitt's creek

Credit Image: Dan Levy @instadanjlevy

While speaking exclusively with E!News this week, Levy revealed what it will take for a reunion to happen.

And he says that it all depends on the quality and craftmanship of the sequel.

“I love the fact that people want more,” Levy said at the premier of ‘Good Grief.

“But it has to beat what we’ve done, and that’s a tough thing to do. So, until the idea comes to me, who knows?”

It’s rare that a sequel and more so a reboot to remotely live up to their original.

However, it seems that a reunion has not been ruled out.

dan levy good grief

Credit Image: Dan Levy @instadanjlevy

Dan Levy Schitt’s Creek

Meanwhile, one of Levy’s co-stars have also spoken out about the possibility of reuniting and whether or not they would partake.

And they more or less shared Levy’s opinion too.

Catherine O’Hara who played Moira Rose on the hit series revealed to ET Canada in May last year that she “hoped we do it someday.”

“I know there’s been some talk, but Daniel always says it has to be the right idea and he’s right” she told ET.

Saying that no one wanted to let down the fans who had been so good to them.

Bottom line, there is always a potential for a reunion or reboot as long as fans want it but neither Levy nor anyone else want to rush into anything that could let down their loyal fanbase or the original story that all the cast and crew have cared so much about.

Dan Levy Movies and TV Shows

While fans can keep their fingers crossed that one-day Schitt’s Creek might continue, fans can see more of Dan Levy in the new movie, ‘Good Grief’ on Netflix Jan. 5.

Also starring Ruth Negga and Himesh Patel.

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