The ladies from Netflix’s Selling Sunset were joined by Queer Eye’s Tan France to unpack five seasons worth of real estate, fashion, and storylines at their first reunion.

Netflix Selling Sunset Reunion Special (L to R) Chrisell Stause and moderator Tan France

Photo Credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset first aired in 2019 and was created by American television producer Adam DiVello. Famous for MTV’S The Hills, DiVello is a veteran at producing quality reality television, and the beautifully designed set of this luxurious reunion did not disappoint.

Right off the bat fans noticed that two of the most prominent ladies from The Oppenheim Group, Christine Quinn and Amanza Smith were absent. This was most upsetting to fans because Christine attracts and creates the most drama. So much so that Christine will be referred to as the Queen of Chaos moving forward. She’s truly only on good terms with the latest addition to The Oppenheim Group, Chelsea Lazkani. However, no need to fret because the reunion was shocking at every turn regardless of the no-show from the Queen of Chaos herself.

The fifth season ended with Heather Rae Young’s wedding to Tarek El Moussa and the devastating split between Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause. Reunions are always a great way to catch up with our favourite reality stars and this was no exception! The reunion was filmed months after filming for season five wrapped, so our favourite agents had time away from the cameras and have a lot to catch us up on. In addition to the ladies, Mary Fitzgerald’s husband Romain Bonnet and Real estate brokers Jason and Brett Oppenheim were also in attendance.

Tan France is no Andy Cohen, and fans were disappointed by his performance. Throughout the reunion it felt as though he should have pressed for more information and we wish he had been a bit more aggressive with the questioning overall. He did manage to bring up the speculation over whether Jason and Chrishell’s relationship was a “showmance”. Apparently the feelings were very real between the two of them. They both reaffirm that their relationship really did end because of Jason’s inability to commit to having a family. Jason breaks down over Chrishell and it is the first time the audience has seen him show any emotion.

Netflix Selling Sunset Reunion Special (L to R) Chelsea Lazkani, Brett Oppenheim, Heather Rae El Moussa, Maya Vander, Jason Oppenheim and Vanessa Villela

Photo Credit: Netflix

Where are they now?

Agent, Vanessa Villela shares that she was engaged and threw some light shade at Emma Hernan’s empanada line. Some of the other women also gave updates on their fertility journeys. We learn that Mary is in the process of embryo freezing and Heather’s family has retrieved four embryos. We also learn that Maya Vander was 38 weeks when she lost her pregnancy. She shares that she’s still grieving but wants to get pregnant again. 

Chelsea and Davina Potratz were able to put their season long feud to rest. It seems that Chelsea has been able to properly integrate into the group now that Christine is on the outs. She even seems aware that she had been fighting too many of the Queen of Chaos’ battles. Jason shares that Christine currently does not have a place at The Oppenheim Group.

In the home stretch of the reunion Chrishell reveals that she’s dating Australian musician G Flip who identifies as non-binary and although this catches some of the agents by surprise, they are all happy Chrishell is happy. Including her now ex-boyfriend Jason.

It seems that in the end everyone is on good terms with one another and ready for a fresh start! However, there are clearly too many cast members to keep track of and some agents barely spoke during the reunion. Viewers don’t think the answer is losing the Queen of Chaos herself. Selling Sunset is not the same without Christine and we think the reunion proves this.

The reunion concludes with the trailer for the latest spin-off: Selling the OC.

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