A brand filled with inclusivity and diversity

Prestige beauty retailer Sephora Canada continues its commitment to being the top diverse and all-inclusive beauty community with its new five-year plan. As of May 11th, 2021,  this brand announced how it will contribute 25 percent of its brand offerings to BIPOC-owned brands, which pushes forward their dedication to The Fifteen Percent Pledge. This is a pledge that 15 percent of shelf space in retail stores is to be given to black-owned businesses. This new announcement pushes forth Sephora’s ideals of creating an inviting beauty experience that champions diversity and inclusivity and ensures no one is ever fearful in their beauty expressions and experiences. 

This ambitious five-year goal is driven by the insight that 22.3 percent of Canadians identify as visible minorities (according to the 2016 Census), making the demand for visible representation within brand offerings more important than ever in Canada. Especially in light of recent events and racial occurrences, Canada must create an approach to this systemic racism that can entice discussions amongst people and have them address these issues at hand. The actions being taken by Sephora in contributing 25 percent to BIPOC brands allow for such progression to be made possible, and for Canada to be seen as an all-encompassing and accepting country to live in. Indeed, as a result of this continued brand diversification over the past year, Sephora Canada is currently sitting at 12 percent BIPOC-owned prestige beauty brands, intending to reach 15 percent in 2022 and 25 percent by 2026. 

Sephora continues to accelerate its initiatives, which allows this company to deliver unbiased shopping support and make a difference in the retail industry as a whole. This new five-year plan only continues to empower their clients, users, and employees and allows this brand to further distribute its strong ideals amongst everyone. 

Sephora Canada’s BIPOC-owned beauty guide is currently available at Sephora.ca/bipoc-beauty brands. Visit now to get more information and discover products that will instill fearlessness into each one of us!

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