Get to know Stila Cosmetics in a new light, as Global Beauty Director and Head of Artistry, Charlie Riddle, talks exciting launches and fan favorites from the world-renowned beauty brand.

Stila Cosmetics prides itself on taking a modern and sophisticated approach to beauty, in which the brand’s products are designed to inspire the artist inside everyone.  As we take a deep dive into what sets Stila Cosmetics apart from other beauty brands on the market, HOLR is also sitting down to chat with makeup artist and Stila Global Beauty Director and Head of Artistry, Charlie Riddle, about what we can look forward to from the company. From which products you should add to your makeup bag to new launches, to how Stila is continuously working to innovate the space, this is how Stila Cosmetics is revolutionizing the industry.

All About Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics is one of Canada’s go-to beauty brands and it’s clear why. The prestige Los Angeles-based company is a tried and trusted brand that gives consumers access to easy-to-use professional make-up artistry products that bring out your inner artist. Developed from high-quality ingredients, Stila Cosmetics products inspire creativity through fun colors, unique textures, and functional tools. Check out some of HOLR’s top picks from the brand, below, that you should add to cart during your next “treat yourself” moment.

Stila Cosmetics: HOLR’s Top Picks

Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Eyeliner is one of the brand’s award-winning top-sellers and features a thin marker tip that allows for precision control when applied. Available in multiple colorways, the water-proof, easy-to-use formula is super pigmented and designed for all-day wear. Try one of the brand’s fun colors to add the perfect pop to your eye look!
Stay All Day Eyeliner

Image Credit: Stila Cosmetics

The Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks are also a must-add-to-cart. This is because the formula is super creamy and offers a matte, full-coverage lip that lasts from day to night. Developed for 12-hour wear, say hello to the perfect pout thanks to a combination of hydrating ingredients and color-rich pigment.
Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks

Image Credit: Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics Huge Extreme Lash Mascara is changing the beauty game! This best-seller ensures big, bold lashes that bring the drama! Say goodbye to clumps and hello to super soft, luscious lashes that feature revolutionary volume and curl.
Extreme Lash Mascara

Image Credit: Stila Cosmetics

The Pixel Perfect Concealer is also a trusted favorite from the brand as its buildable formula is designed to depuff, nurture and soothe the skin. We also love that it’s crease-proof and ultra-long-wearing for hot summer days in the sun!
Pixel Perfect Concealer

Image Credit: Stila Cosmetics

HOLR is sitting down with Charlie Riddle to talk all things Stila Cosmetics! Check out what the esteemed makeup artist and brand Global Beauty Director and Head of Artistry has to say about what’s new and trending in beauty.
charlie riddle

Charlie Riddle

How is Stila changing the makeup game?

Stila Cosmetics has always been an artistry brand so it has always led with artistry. What sets Stila Cosmetics apart is that it has this whimsical, artistic approach to makeup. With Stila Cosmetics, there is always a moment of flair, which is like a pop of color, a shimmer, or a glitter that can help take your look to the next level. We play so much with trends and it allows us to be ahead of the game with our products. Stila Cosmetics is also a timeless brand that has a modern yet approachable take on beauty. However, it has that element of surprise that we love to incorporate through elements of color and texture such as a bright eyeshadow or bold lip.

What are some exciting new products from the brand we need to add to our everyday makeup routine?

The Heaven’s Dew All Over Glitter is one of my favorites at the moment- it’s amazing as a face highlighter or all over the body because it adds a gorgeous glow. For summer, Stila Cosmetics also has some amazing lip launches from the latest Glazy Daze collection such as NEW Heaven’s Dew Gel Lip Oils.

Heaven's Dew Gel Lip Oils

Image Credit: Stila Cosmetics

Lip oils are huge right now and Stila Cosmetics’ version features amazing shimmer. Plus, the lip oils feel comfortable and are super hydrating. They can be paired with other lip colors and really take your look to the next level. For summer I’m all about shimmer!

The NEW Calligraphy Lip Stain is another new brand favorite I’m loving for summer!

Calligraphy Lip Stain

Image Credit: Stila Cosmetics

As the brand’s Global Beauty Director and Head of Artistry, what are some of the hottest makeup trends you’ve seen so far in 2023?

The trends I’m seeing right now are definitely 90s and soft-girl-glam. For soft-girl-glam, it’s all about being fresh-faced and rocking products such as amazing primers and lip oils that enhance your skin versus adding a lot of coverage. The pink trend is also going strong, so people are gravitating towards using pink tones on their lips and cheeks. Finally, I’m seeing a lot of metallics, especially as we start to move into the fall.

What are some of your go-to Stila products we need to add to cart?

I love our Convertible Color Dual Lip And Cheek Cream! This is definitely a cult classic and celebrity favorite. It’s a cream blush that you can also use on the lips, so it’s a multi-use product. I actually use it more on the cheeks than on the lips but it’s a multi-task product and gives this beautiful sheen of color. The shades are extremely flattering, and it’s also one of the original products that have been around since the beginning so it’s still one of those products that everyone loves.

Convertible Color Dual Lip And Cheek Cream

Image Credit: Stila Cosmetics

From a consumer standpoint, Stila Cosmetics is also really well-known for its eye products. For instance, the Liquid Eyeshadows are a popular favorite and have been around for years and years.  Of course, the Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner is also a go-to in any makeup kit.

How is Stila continuously looking forward to innovating the beauty space? 

The Stila Cosmetics team allows everyone’s thoughts to be heard and we really pay attention to fashion and emerging trends. We are able to formulate and innovate a lot quicker because we have an intimate team that works closely together. Having a strong team combined with the ability to see color trends on a global scale allows Stila to create products that the everyday consumer can continue to use and enjoy.

People love to play with makeup in different ways and Stila Cosmetics really champions this through product development and creating multi-use products. Stila Cosmetics products are often more than just one product- this is because the consumers are the artists and Stila Cosmetics is inspiring consumers to use the products in whichever way works best for them.

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